Thursday, April 1, 2010

walking in Fairmount

Fairmount is a cool neighborhood just north of Center City. If you go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art be sure to head east a few blocks and check it out. Beautiful old row houses.....and giant mansions. It is also the home of Mugshots, where you can get a really good cappuccino.
Trees are blooming and daffodils are smiling!


  1. they are indeed! i drove into the city with nick today (not for a fun visit) and couldn't get over all of the pear & cherry trees, forsythia... and flowers... so lovely - achoo! :0)

  2. Laura,
    Fairmount is our "old neighborhood" We lived there while my husband was in graduate school and for a few years after.
    We were just a few blocks from bike riding around the river drive. Now, we are just across the river in New Jersey.


  3. Hi kimberly, mary jane, theresa and sherry! thank you for stopping in and commenting :)