Monday, March 8, 2010


It is so funny to me that a Sunny Day with 50 degree weather is WARM!
I headed out for a walk to the post office and here is what I found.

a bouquet of colorful wire

peace to you

looking back

tuft of fabric caught in the fence



tiny buds

heading back home under the bridge

bolt detail....beautiful patina

just look.....
the beauty is in the details.

Thank you for coming along with me, Laura


  1. You found fantastic treasures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. what a great walk! xo on my walk today i was looking about and thinking about mindfulness... being aware of things surrounding me - at the same time, being completely unaware at times of where i was walking or the cars!! :0) there must be a balance to strike -

  3. thanks for my virtual stroll! you know, it hit 60 yesterday and that is indeed warm for march. not that i'm complaining - it's perfect for adventure walks!

  4. hi chiara, mary jane and peicha :) so happy you stopped in....i didn't know it got up to 60! it felt so good outside.
    mary jane, balance is good so we don't stumble and fall while taking in our ironic!

  5. Great pictures! Who would think an end of a cable would look like a bouquet? Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

  6. Cindy, I know!! As a kid I loved telephone wire, when ever I would see the BellSouth Telephone Truck I would ask the "telephone Man" for wire if he had any extra. Then I would wrap it into rings!!
    Thank you for stopping in.