Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seventeen Things to Do to Kickstart Creativity

Inspired by a fellow "Ring a Day" friend and metalsmith, I have decided to make a list of Seventeen things to Kickstart creativity.

1) Write morning pages.
2) Go on an Artist Date with myself....out to a museum, soak up the displays at Anthropologie, enjoy a cappuccino.
3) Walk the dog.
4) Take a drive.
5) Fall asleep with a note book by my bedside.....write what comes up.
6) Look at art books ~ Miro, Calder, Jensen (these are some of my favs).
7) Walk in the woods, walk to the post office, walk, walk ,walk!
8) Avoid the computer as much as possible!
9) Take my camera with my when I go on outings, photograph neat happenings in my surroundings.
10) Take a bath without guilt.
11) Go thrift shopping or flea marketing.
12) Read a good book, fiction, magical realism, historical fiction.
13) Have a bead therapy day...string beads, revel in the colors and gems.
14) Get to the studio and just work on tasks that need to be done, this will usually jumps me into thinking creatively.
15) Look through my collection of found objects, stones and antiques for ideas.
16) Just do it.....the idea is not to think too much and just sit down to create.
17) Join a group of creatives with a challenge....for me it is the Ring a Day 2010 flickr group. RAD is a group of 280 artists from all over the world making a ring a day for 1 year. I am so happy to have joined and it has most definitely Kick~Started my creativity!

I wanted to share this list with you and inspire you to make your own list.
I plan to keep my list in my studio (maybe near the computer too!!) to remind myself of the things I need to do to give myself a little kick in the pants.
I also want to add that taking care of myself, by eating healthfully and exercising, is part of the picture. Two more things I need to remind myself each day.

ps... I like to remind myself that I am perfect just as I am. I try not to compare myself to others (which can kill creativity).
Additionally, I would like to learn to meditate.


  1. your list is wonderful! and i love reading about things that bring you inspiration... i sleep with a journal beside me (often because i fall asleep with it on my stomach)... and one of the other things that i love about being outside and walking is that my ideas come together there... sometimes i need to step away from the swirling thoughts and let them sort out on their own...
    your rings have been so wonderful -

  2. mary jane, it is nice to hear your thoughtful comments....ideas do sort out and come together when I step outside as well. if you make a list let me know :)

  3. Hi Laura,
    Your list is very inspirational and I love the butterfly ring you have posted. All the things you wrote are quite meditative in themselves:) I started meditating myself, I do 10 min. in the morning sitting down. It helps me through the rest of my busy day, helps me clear and center myself for the day.
    You are inspiring me through your list and ring a day!

  4. Nancy,Thank you for looking in on me :) I am happy you shared with me about your meditation practice, it is helpful to me. I will just do it!
    No more thinking about doing it :)
    Talk soon....xoxoxo

  5. Yay for that list! I learned to meditate, and it has changed my life for the better. The class was offered where I live. Here is the link in case you are interested, I just feel inclined to share with you. Blessings, Theresa
    email me if you have questions

  6. Thank you for sharing Theresa :)

  7. Laura,
    I think I'll join you in some of the inspirational things...Wish I could come see Anthropologie with you. :(

  8. Hi Andrea....just found your comment, I managed to go to the Anthro in Wayne (it is the 1st store, they call it the flagship store)....It is so beautiful inside. The rich color, textures & ideas....I love it!! I wish you could come with me too.
    Did you see my message about your 5 Senses.....??
    I would love to include this in my blog too, Is it ok ??