Friday, February 12, 2010

rich blue skies and bright white snow

I wanted to share these photos from yesterday's
morning walk with my dog.
It was so nice to have the sun shining.
Have a good day today, Laura


  1. it's funny how blue the sky seems after such a storm... i was thinking about that today... i just wanted to stand under a tree and take a pic of the sky through the maze of branches... your pictures are beautiful...

  2. hi mary jane! I was just looking at your sea gulls photo on flickr....
    it is funny and amazing, i was in awe. we must have been experiencing it at about the same time!

  3. Beautiful!
    Love the clean contrast.

  4. Really beautiful. Makes me (who was raised in Florida and has a grudge against snow) love the icy stuff regardless. It truly is lovely.

  5. We are getting more snow today, wish you could see it Theresa!
    Andrew, I hope you see my post from today....Sunny Florida (maybe it will warm you up)!!