Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mama Bird in 14k

I recently had a request to make one of my Mama Bird necklaces
in 14k gold.
This necklace will be a gift from a Mother to the wonderful Nanny who has cared for her son since he was a baby.
It will be an extra special gift because the family is moving soon.....I hope that the thoughtfulness of the gift brings the recipient joy & when she wears her necklace that it serves as a reminder of her time with the family who I am sure will miss her greatly.

Before the necklace flew off to Chicago, I took a photo.
I will be making a few more Mama Birds in 14k, look for them in a few weeks here.


  1. That's so lovely especially with the story that goes with it.

  2. It's beautiful Laura. Love the story too!
    Love you,

  3. Laura,

    Mama Bird looks so beautiful in gold. What a special gift.

  4. hi Barbara, Audrie and Chaira, thank you for stopping in and commenting, I was so excited to make this necklace :)